Martin Reid’s MyBoatPlans Review 2021

If you’re seeking good quality boat building plans or blueprints, then you have come to the right place! If you were like me, getting frustrating over building your own boat but failed..then I would suggest you to read through my review on MyBoatPlans.

I am a boat enthusiast and I live in sunny Florida.  In the past, I have attempted shopping around for new and used boats in the market, but I just can’t find the right boat that meets my expectation!

If you are a boat lover, you will understand what I meant:) You will rather build your dream boat than buying one..Why? Simple enough, you put your tears and blood into building one, you will appreciate it, even more, when you eye witness your final outcome.

Trust me, it’s definitely a great idea to build your own boat than to purchase one from the market. By building your own boat, not only you will be able to save tons of cash, but also gain valuable boat-building experience and enjoy the boat building process of seeing your final masterpiece.

Many people think that you need to have some woodworking background in order o build a boat, but the truth is you don’t have to be a professional boat builder or a super handy person. Just like me, I am just an ordinary person and yet have zero experience in boat building, but I managed to put together my dream wooden boat in 30 days!

Thus, to be rest assured, everyone can build his/her own boat even if you are a complete beginner. All you need is the right guidebook!

Why You Need MyBoatPlans?

Searching for your ideal boat plan is always very time-consuming. When I first started, I did tons of mistakes. I spent thousands of dollars buying unnecessary guide books, including looking up Youtube for a solution. I thought I got everything right, but I was wrong. I ended out disappointing yet unproductive.

I almost give up and wanna buy a boat instead of building one! I was lucky enough to come across the “MyBoatPlans” guide on the internet (find details here). Based on many positive user reviews along with testimonials, I decided to give it a try! I was lucky I did. Not only the plan works but it is also by far the most complete and inexpensive boat building handbook in the marketplace today!

What Is MyBoatPlans?

MyBoatPlans (Official Website) is created by Martin Reid. To me, Martin is really an expert in boat building. When it comes to the subject of building boats, his guidebook is a MUST HAVE for every boat enthusiast.

Basically, MyBoatPlans consists of 518 detailed boat plans in printable PDF e-book format, a diagram, and DVDs. The manual is available at a very inexpensive price of $47. On top of that, it also comes with some free bonuses such as the 3D boat design software plus several handy boat building ebook plans. The best part about Martin Reid’s manual is it covered different types of boat building plans. Not just that, there are so many useful boat building tips that were unknown to me before. If you are seriously into boat building, this guidebook is a MUST HAVE. The price is really a bargain!

What I Like Most About These Plans!

  • By far, it is the most comprehensive and complete step by step boat building guide in the market place.
  • The details are very specific and instructions are easy to follow.
  • Martin holds your hand and walk thru the entire process and showing you from A to Z on how to put together your favorite boats in a reasonable time frame.
  • The 518 different boat plans are the top benefits as compare to other guidebooks.
  • Large selection of boat building plans such as Cabin Cruisers, Canoes, Duck boats, Jon boats, Kayaks, Surf boards, Yachts, Paddle Boats and etc. You name it, they have it!
  • Just merely $47 with 100% free lifetime update.
  • 60 days money back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase.

Some Possible Frustrations You Might Encounter During The Boat Building Process

  • The plan requires you to follow steps by steps process. If you re-invent your wheels, chances are you might go sideways!
  • You gotta listen to the instruction carefully ESPECIALLY getting the right tools and raw materials..I have prior experience sorting for inventory thus it wasn’t a big deal for me. Nevertheless, if you are brand new, I would suggest to jot down the lists, and ask the store owners when you go sourcing for the necessary items.
  • The $49 dollars don’t cover the external boat building accessories. Thus you need to add on approximately $100-$300 budget in buying some necessary tools and items. But your overall cost is still much much cheaper as compare to buying either a brand new or used boat!

MyBoatPlans Review Conclusion

The reason I strongly recommend MyBoatPlans to every boat enthusiast is that it simply works!  It is the ONLY workable yet cost-effective boat-building plan I personally recommended to everyone!

The plan works for me, and I am sure it will work for you too! I am putting this short review and hope you find it helpful! Click here to find more info on the official website. All the best in building your dream boat!

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