Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Boat Building Plans:

Yes, this boat building plan includes:

  • 34 Sailboats
  • 46 Rowboats, Canoes, and Kayaks
  • 36 Runabout Outboard Boats
  • 20 Paddle Wheel and Runabout Inboard Boats
  • 9 Novelty Boats and 5 House Boats
  • 12 Cabin Cruiser Boats
  • 19 Hydroplanes and Race Boats

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If you are worried about scams, then we can assure you that this program is created by a professional boat building master not a quack. So you can trust him if you want to create a real masterpiece.

We don’t expect our readers to have any knowledge or experience of making boats. Our guides are completely relevant for beginners as we start from a clean slate. If you follow all the instructions, you will be able to make amazing boats even if you have zero boat building experience.

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Sorry, we don’t provide any demo access to Boat Building Plans but the product comes with 60 Days money-back guarantee. Why not check it out and see if it is best for you?

Yeah definitely, you can watch the course from anywhere with any device with or without network. You can download all the content including plans, guides and videos instantly. 

The membership will have lifetime access once you purchase it. There is no shipping hassle and you can watch the training even at 2 AM. All the guides and ebooks can easily be downloaded from the membership area.

There is a dedicated support team are at your service. They’ll help you with any general, technical or billing queries. Visit Contact page for more information.

Boat Building Plans comes with 60 Days money-back guarantee. To claim refund visit ClickBank order support, enter your order id and get refund credited in your bank account.