How To Build A Wooden Boat At Home

You might be wondering why would anyone want to spend their weekend surrounded by piles of sawdust, pages of DIY wood boat plans, and a bunch of angry-sounding power tools? Wouldn’t it be much easier to just go buy a boat? Then you’d be able to take off on a real fishing trip.  Build your own wooden boat at home and who knows if you’ll ever make it out of the garage!

Yes, self-construct boat plans can be time-consuming BUT the reward is awesome!

If you’ve seen NCIS Special Agent Gibbs at work in his basement, forever sanding and hammering on the hull of ‘Kelly’ then you know that building your own boat really is possible. In fact, many people are buying plywood boat kits every day and going out to sea on a ship they built all by themselves.

Benefits Of Building Your Own Wooden Boat At Home

To start off, you must understand the many benefits of a making wooden boat at home:

  • You Will Save a Boatload of Money

DIY wooden boat kits are substantially cheaper than buying a brand new boat. Even a used boat is more expensive than the one you build yourself. And most kits will contain all the materials you’ll need. As long as you already have the tools, you can expect to build your own boat for no more than half the price you’d pay for a new one.

  • Eliminate the Middle Man

Part of the cost of a new boat is the broker fee. Then you’ll probably have finance charges to pay, too. And who knows how many others will be standing there with their hand out. Build it yourself and eliminate all those middlemen – and their fees.

  • Build it Your Way

When you build your own boat, even if you’re following a set of wood boat plans, you can always alter the design to add in your own special features and to make your boat unique. And, when you Do-It-Yourself that means you know where everything is, how it all works, and how to repair it if something goes wrong. You’ll save money on repairs and maintenance.

  • Sense of Accomplishment

Talk about bragging rights! Building your own boat isn’t like building a set of shelves for your garage or a bookcase for your wife. It’s a boat. If you don’t do it right, it sinks. It takes quite a bit of skill, patience, and determination to see a project like that through to completion.

  • Stress Relief

Each week Gibbs makes a little more progress on ‘Kelly’. But some weeks he’s just sleeping on his boat, or he spends an hour sanding one tiny spot. You can tell it’s a great stress reliever for him just to spend time working with wood, whether he ever finishes the boat or not.

If your hobby is woodworking then you already know how relaxing it can be and what a sense of accomplishment you feel when you complete a project. Now it’s time to get yourself a set of DIY boat plans or a plywood boat kit and get started on the most rewarding project you’ll ever tackle. But build it in your garage.

Process Of Building Wooden Boat At Home

Before planning to construct any type of boat, you need to have a reliable blueprint you can count on! Nowadays, with the advancement of 3D design software and many available steps by steps boat building manuals in the marketplace, it has made boat-building right from your own yard a reality.

Follow the link on Boat Building Plans and learn how easily you can start constructing your own boat as simple as 123!

Many people didn’t realize they can simply build a comfortable wooden boat at home without spending too much money as compared to buying one! Trust me, I have been thru the situation before and certainly understand your frustration of doing so!

Prior to selecting your ideal boat building blueprint, be sure to take into account the complexity of the design, the total cost of supplies used, as well as the level of skills necessary to build a boat.

Remember whatever action plans you decide to take, it really is important to stay focus and stick to your interest through the entire process to ensure that the finished product is strong enough to use.

Wooden Boats You Can Build At Home

There are many types of wooden boats you can build at home. For instance, if you live in sunny states like Florida, you may want to build a boat that comes with a shade enclosure.

Don’t underestimate the necessity of shade as you really need it to protect from the heat. You can also look for master boat plans that offer instruction on how to make a boat with a full hull.

Basically, the area underneath the deck can be used as storage space. If you want to make boats that provide extra storage space for movement, I would suggest you to go for barge-type boat plans.

For a complete blueprint and step-by-step process of building your dream wooden boat at home, you may check out Boat Building Plans which has 500 plus boat designs with useful guides, illustrations and training lessons.

Regardless of what types of boat plan you are looking for, the manuals have it all! And I would strongly suggest you to get a copy before spending hundreds of dollars on other unreliable boat plans blueprint!

The beauty of constructing your own boat is you can customize the design as you wish! If you can build one why buy it!

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